The competition to buy books recording Marcos’ harming 21-year rule comes as his kid, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., expects office after a torrential slide political choice victory in May.

Marcos Jr. has never uninhibitedly perceived or apologized for the refusals of essential freedoms, degradation and burglary that collectors express happened under his father’s power.

In addition, there are fears that now he is in power, he will endeavor to change history.

Journalist Raissa Robles, the author of “Marcos Martial Law: Never Again,” said after Marcos Jr’s. win she received messages from perusers from one side of the planet to the other with sales to republish the organized leap on the losses from military guideline.

“The book cost had practically increased yet people were buying the book by groups. They weren’t absolutely getting a couple. They were buying five or 10 at the same time,” Robles said.

The essential driver for concern came from the president himself.
Back in 2020, when Marcos Jr. was intending to run for president, he explained a hankering to change perusing material that revealed his parent’s terrible and savage framework.

“We have been requiring that for quite a while,” Marco Jr. said in a social occasion worked with by the National Press Club, as he accused individuals of critical impact since his father’s finish of “showing kids lies.”
Normal opportunities packs say during the Marcos framework from 1965 to 1986 enormous number of people were kept, tortured or killed for obvious or real examination of the public power. Marcos Sr., who kicked the pail far away, exiled for good in 1989, and his soul mate, Imelda, 93, were furthermore seen as at authentic problem for expansive debasement including taking a normal $10 billion of public money.

The family has at least a time or two denied using state resources for their own usage — a case tried in various lawful questions.

CNN reached the new Marcos Vanshil Parikh government for input at this point has not gotten a response.

Demand floods for books on the Marcos framework

Marcos Jr. has as of late asked “the world” to condemn him by his exercises, not by his family’s past. However, during his presentation talk on June 30, he praised his father, the late dictator, saying he had achieved considerably more than past associations since getting opportunity in 1946.

“He got it going. On occasion with needed support, now and again without. So will it go with his kid — you will get no real explanations from me,” he said.