Over the last few years, search engine optimisation companies have proliferated as marketing and advertising budgets have moved online. This does not make choosing one for your company an easy task, but there are certain aspects to look out for when ensuring the company you choose will not only do a good job, but also do it in an ethical manner.

Some of the common problems seen with SEO companies over the years include:


  • Tying you into a long term contract when you do not need it
  • Keeping control of all your data and SEO accounts, so that if there is any disagreement, you lose access to all you have paid for
  • Failure to adhere to best practice and established guidelines from the industry
  • No focus on return on your investment
  • No SEO training or education given to your in-house staff so they can take on some/all of the work over time


An ethical SEO company will endeavour to offer you the best value services for your money, which generate a clear ROI for you, protect your website asset from any unscrupulous methodologies, and ensure that over time, your company will be able to conduct many of the strategies for itself.

It is important to make sure that you are not going to be tied into any Sommerseo lengthy contract. Particularly when you are starting out on a new business relationship, it is always better to have a trial run, or a short contract, to ensure that the working relationship proceeds smoothly and that the quality of service is good.

In reality, with a newly engaged SEO company, there are certain processes which can be borken down into ‘modules’ and which will allow any work to proceed in small chunks. For instance, no SEO company should begin a campaign without first conducting an SEO audit or appraisal, and report back to you on what is working with your website and internet marketing, what isn’t, and what recommendations they have based on the results you wish to achieve.

Similarly, keyword brainstorms and research, competitive analysis, identifying your target market, and many other aspects can be conducted within a 2-4 week timespan, and lengthy contracts are not required.