I lost and kept off 30 lbs because my WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS said nothing about weight loss or weight. They focused on an exciting and motivating goal that involved my whole perspective on life and health, ultimately attracting to me the wisdom and power to succeed at what I desired.

The fault with most affirmations for weight loss is:

  • They focus on weight (attracting “more of the same”).
  • They are imaginary rationalizations (“I feel thin inside.”).
  • They are out and out self-lies (“Losing weight is effortless.”).


When affirmations for weight loss contain words about weight loss, you are then trying to make an affirmation about something that you don’t want. According to the Law of Attraction that’s an invitation to frustration and failure, since you attract what you think about.

Your mind will be focused constantly on “weight.” Clever little rationalizations that deny authentic feelings and reality don’t help either.

Effective WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS must paradoxically have a goal that is far greater than anything to do with weight loss since the concept of weight loss is trying to rid yourself of something you don’t want.

Effective WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS must have in them:

  • An “emotionally attractive” goal (which weight loss isn’t)
  • A “motivationally appealing” goal (which weight loss isn’t)
  • A legitimate lifestyle description (which weight loss isn’t since it can’t continue forever!)

The other problem with affirmations for weight loss is that weight loss is a temporary process. Once you lose the 40 or 50 lbs you desire to lose, THEN WHAT HAPPENS? You’ve been working at losing weight for many months and have made changes in your life. THEN WHAT HAPPENS? 

What usually happens is that since the goal has been reached, there is a CBD oil results for weight loss

let-up with the behavior that led to that goal. Usually, it was a struggle to reach the goal and now it’s time to relax. Since there’s rarely any overarching lifestyle goal, the tendency will be for you to stop doing the behaviors that lost weight and then put the weight back on.

What developed into my foundational goal of my WEIGHT LOSS AFFIRMATIONS was:

I am seeking and am enjoying VIBRANT HEALTH.

I can assure you that seeking and enjoying vibrant health was both emotionally attractive and motivationally appealing! I found it an incredibly powerful and focusing affirmation.

What I love about it is that it is a lifestyle description. To pursue vibrant health means that I have to change my way of living. It is a more significant and profound goal than simply losing some pounds.